determination list ’09

I have never been one to make New Year’s resolutions.  I figure if there were changes I needed to make, I would want to start making them right then and there, and not give myself any diluted Fat Tuesday excuses to perpetuate poor habits.  It all sounds like a set up for good intentions to fizzle out.

Sometime around mid – late December I just had enough of where I was at and the direction I was going, so I drafted a “determination list” – things that I don’t just want or hope for, things I am determined to do and see through.  I do have more needs, but I figure if I can touch on these core issues, the rest will naturally fall into place.



Successfully start and run an education philanthropy organization and foundation

Freelance write [for profit]

Be more creative

Start [and don’t stop] attending school

Meditate daily

Wake up early every day

Exercise at least three times a week

To thine own self be true


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