the philosphy of fear

When you break it all down, everything bad and wrong and just plain ugly has it’s roots in fear.  Fear is the most basic component of anger, jealousy, greed, violence, low self esteem, depression, and suicide.  The philosophy of fear is simple: be unrealistic and destroy.

Being the most basic, fear is by far the most interesting and enigmatic of all emotions.  Even all the crazy things people do that are typically chalked up to love usually are much deeper manifestations of one’s fear, having nothing to do at all with the object of one’s affection.  Love, like other stronger emotions, can easily serve as a catalyst for expressions of fear.  Because stronger emotions have a more profound impact on our minds and bodies, it moves us away from our homeostatic equilibrium, which can trigger a cautionary response [even with positive emotions] or potentially outright fear – whether founded or unfounded.

This is the beauty of fear that I love: fear can be one of the most irrational emotions.  We can be afraid of the silliest things that, from the outside, we would scoff at as absurd.  Some of the most common fears, according to studies, include the fear of failure [which would coincide with the fear of succeeding], and the fear of being alone – and not just having no one around on a dark night after watching a scary movie, but of isolation, abandonment, and not emotionally bonding with someone we can relate to.

The fear of succeeding sounds like the biggest practical joke on mankind ever.  Take a person who has loads of intelligence and talent who could potentially do anything he or she wants in life, and then paralyze said person with fear, unable to realize even a fraction of his or her potential, left to rot in painful mediocrity.  For what?  What could possibly be better than a good life of living one’s dreams and getting what one wants?  Nothing.  The logic is not there.  Fear can completely immobilize us from greatness for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Fear also has the innate ability to not only keep us from greatness, but also take greatness away from us, in the same illogical way.  It can tear families apart, drive loved ones away, ruin careers, destroy futures, and prohibit happiness – all without any basis in reality.  Left unchecked, fear can be our own worst enemy.  Learn to recognize and control our fears, and the world is so much less threatening and our lives become so much easier.  This, my friend, is the philosophy of fear.


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