chapter 6

I’m not too big on keeping tabs, but if I recall, I believe I am now starting chapter six of my life story – new chapters being where one experiences a life event that changes life as one knows it, and facilitates a significant shift of one’s personality/character/overall view on life.  I find I’m taking each new upheaval with more and more grace.  This is good news for me.  There are plenty ‘O things where I say “oh, I am this”, but when I think about it (or better, when someone holds a mirror up to me), I’m really quite the opposite.  My desires to be so does nothing to actually make it so.  So, to see that I am actually learning from my mistakes, and not just saying that I do, helps put me at ease.  I’m not all fuck up and no growth.  Not all BP in the Gulf and no chubby.


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