that’s me

Ok, I’ve done shit for keeping up with Dead In The Water, so I’ll just start from here and fill in the blanks later.  Basically, my main thing is The Argyle Project [] and my focus has mainly been there for quite some time.  When the time comes to officially register The Argyle Project, I might consider make it a private foundation, rather than a public organization.  Maybe in the future after The Argyle Project is established and well self funded, maybe I’ll make it a public organization.  We’ll see.  For now, I’ll fund the whole thing.

Speaking of which, last I posted, I said I’m in the capital raising stage.  Things are going really great in this area.  Despite losing my ass time and again day trading exotic derivatives, I’m learning so much as I go.  To clarify, however, I should say I’m losing my ass when I trade with real money.  When I trade in practice accounts, I make money hand over fist.  For a while, I was averaging between $1000 and $2000 per day on good days.  On average, I was realizing roughly $3000 to $5000 per week.  Things are a lot different once you start using real money, I’m finding out.  Eventually I’ll be able to trade in real money what I was trading with practice money.  Slowly but surely.  Here is where I learn lessons in patience, greed, and fear.

I’m seeing trends in my trades in many areas beyond just the good and bad days of the week to trade, times of day, and times of market hours that are better.  I notice the more relaxed and confidence in myself I have, the better trades I make.  If I’m having a bad day, if I’m frustrated, sad, lonely, or just off kilter, I find it best to just put away my laptop and not even think about trading that day unless I have a hankering for losing money.

So, yeah.  I think I’ll take The Argyle Project into a more private foundation direction instead of a public charity.  It might take a little longer to establish The Argyle Project as a powerful philanthropic entity, but it’ll get me closer to my more immediate main goal: to be with my kids more – to see them more, to fight for fair custody, to take them places, to finally give them their father back.  I miss them so much.  All of this is for them.


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