Fucking WordPress app. Almost completed this post and it crashed. No survivors. It was a lengthy one, too (that’s what she said).

Anyways, it’s good to be back in the black again – or in trading colors, back in the green. I thought I was out of the game for a while, there. I had sustained major losses last week, leaving me with a balance of $8 and I thought the trading minimum was $10. It must be $10 until you don’t even have that much. So, for shits, I tried to trade that paltry $8 and lo, the trade was accepted! I won that trade and was back in the game. Today was a great trading day, thank god, despite shots being fired at protesters in Saudi Arabia yesterday and the 8.9 magnitude in Japan last night and the resulting tsunami warnings all morning. I thought for sure today would be as volatile as fuck, but there was relative calm throughout the currency markets – pretty steady trends and momentums.

Worked from my flat all day. I need to get out. I’ve been pretty reclusive and stressed lately. Being broke for this long has been weighing heavy on my soul. I shouldn’t let it break me down. I left the rat race for this because I have long been suffering cubicle soul death. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. I’ve been reminding my family that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. I knew I would be putting in very long hours for a very long time – and I have. I just loathe being so broke and dependent on others. I should get some coffee. Sold some of my stocks earlier this week, so I have a few bucks. I can justify buying a coffee by having confidence in my trading abilities. Traded very carefully today, turned $8 into $69. That’s almost a 900% profit. Won 9 out of 10 of my trades. That’s 90%. I need to keep perspective.

Coffee is always good. One of my regular coffee holes closed up shop. Fucking economy.


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