Argyle Project

Save the world in 3 easy, pain-free steps:

1:  Bookmark this page  (to come back to whenever you shop online)

2: Do all your online shopping through the links and banners on The Argyle Project

3:  Sit back and feel good about making a difference!

(Well, that’s actually 2 steps.  The 3rd is just for fun)

About The Argyle Project

The Argyle Project is a permanent endowment for a small handful of great foundations and charities.  Care about humanity?  Don’t have enough money to give a decent amount each month to every worthy cause you care about?  If you give what you can to help end poverty, what about domestic abuse?  If you give to end animal cruelty, what about the environment? What about human rights?  Cancer?  Children?  Clean water?  Children with cancer who don’t have access to clean water?  With The Argyle Project, you don’t have to choose.  No more Sophie’s Choice.  At the heart of it all is the desire to help make the world a better place, and providing the ability to do so.

A very simple organization, The Argyle Project takes even the smallest donations, adds it to the general fund, day trades the fund and evenly distributes the profits to it’s handful of beneficiaries.  This allows, for example, a one dollar donation to potentially become a hundred dollar donation – and through the beneficiary foundations, it helps hundreds of causes affecting millions of people!

A message from the director

My name is Scott McClure, the founder and director of The Argyle Project.  In January of 2010, I found myself as yet another statistic of the global financial crisis.  Losing my miserable office job of five years made me not want to waste any more time in yet another job I could easily lose doing absolutely nothing I feel good about.  I took my entire savings and started developing my recession-proof dream job I could never get laid off from: a philanthropist.  I immediately knew I needed to get serious about day trading.  I’ve tinkered with investing in the past, but never devoted my full time attention to it.

Though I’ve blown through my entire savings, after a year and half of putting in long hours practicing day trading exotic derivatives and foreign exchange assets, I am almost ready to launch The Argyle Project.  To do this, I need to incorporate and file with the IRS.  I don’t expect any straight up donations to a charity that doesn’t even have a tax ID yet, so if you like the idea of The Argyle Project, but you don’t feel comfortable giving quite yet, you can still help by doing all your shopping through this site.  4% – 6% of your total will go directly towards getting The Argyle Project off the ground.

Thank you, and take care!


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